The Career Homemakers Podcast is for homemakers who desire to be goal-oriented, creative, and fulfilled.

Time is the gift a homemaker gives to their family. The many topics discussed will be how to make our homemaking career goal-oriented, creative, and fulfilling. We also discuss hindrances homemakers often experience, including negative thoughts and attitudes toward work, home, and family. Listen as I share life lessons for Career Homemakers and encouragement from the Bible.

In these podcasts, I will have 3 types of episodes.

Homemaker inspirations: In these, I will discuss the day-to-day challenges we face as homemakers, then offer encouragement and lessons I’ve learned from years in this vocation.

Walk through Episodes: We will “clean a designated space” together. I will offer my best-used practices and be in your ear “if you use earbuds” as you clean. For example, as you clean your bathroom, I’ll talk you through the steps and offer advice and encouragement. I’ll be with you in that space, so you don’t feel alone or bored while completing your task. 

Tricks of the trade: Best ways to get different parts of the job done.

Be encouraged homemaker and remember how valuable you are in your decision to love your husband and children and working at home with a kind attitude.

Listen to an episode below or go to the bottom where you can find my show on your favorite platform.

  • A solution for scattered recipes

    Do you have recipes scattered across various platforms? One issue is that our recipes are scattered everywhere – in digital format, on paper, note cards, books, and magazines. Finding a specific recipe can be a challenge if we can’t recall where it came from. Although digital storage may seem convenient, it has its own limitations,…

  • A Homemaker’s look at School Choice

    Children’s education in America has undergone significant changes over the decades and centuries.  The decline in the quality of public education led to the push for school choice, as parents wanted more options for their children’s education. Now, families in America have numerous school choices, and parents strive to provide the safest and best educational…

  • A Homemaker’s Friends

    In this Podcast, I talk about how It takes time to develop these deeper relationships. But each friend sets the tone for the relationship. What friends do you want to have? I want praying friends who share deep as well as special moments with each other. How about friends who model loving their husbands and…

The Host

Kim’s dream job was to be a homemaker.

She has always enjoyed the home arts but sometimes struggles with the daily monotony of dishes and cleaning. Homeschooling the children has also been a part of her day-to-day responsibility for decades. Her career in homemaking has brought joy and stability to their family. In her free time she enjoys baking, sewing, long leisurely walks and trips to visit family and friends.

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