Walk Thru Episode: Clean out the Refrigerator Door

Step-by-step instructions on cleaning out the refrigerator door.

Take out shelves and place on counter.

Wipe inside door where shelves were.

Wipe butter/egg shelf at top of refrigerator door.

Toss items:

1. See if it’s expired

2. Cant remember when you bought it

3. Family doesn’t like it

4. Toss unusual jars that was used only once for a special recipe or occasion.

Clean shelves and place them back into refrigerator

Curate which items goes on each shelf.

Place in groups: sweets, condiments, salad dressings and sauces

Order from manufacturer replacement for missing or cracked shelves.

It feels so good having a cleaned out refrigerator.

You did it! Now get a refreshing drink and take a break.

Listen often to stay encouraged, for you are not alone in your Homemaking Career. I’m your host, Kim Griffin 

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