Sick Children

When a child turns up sick, our world stops. We’ve noticed the first symptoms and now seek to find out all the signs. I usually ask my children questions like Does your throat hurt? Have you been blowing your nose or coughing? Then I reach my wrist to their forehead and feel if they have a fever. 

Once I figure out what they have, I start canceling everything. First, I think they should stay home to rest, and I don’t want them out there making anyone else’s kids sick. So let’s keep this illness to ourselves. So next, I remind them that they can’t be in the kitchen and to ask me to get anything they may need, I remind them to drink lots of water, and I plug in the humidifier when necessary and then administer cold medicine, which in our home has to be a special kind, the only one my child will swallow. 

After settling my sick child, I sit momentarily and contemplate my week. How will this change of events affect what I have planned for this week? Then, after all that, I finally settled enough to pray. 

Jesus, please heal my child. Please soothe her throat and clear her nasal passages and help her cough. Give her the rest she needs. Oh, and by the way, God, please give me peace. In Jesus’ name, amen.

After I pray, I feel a calm, a relief. God’s got this. He knows they will be sick and has made an allowance for it. I need to rest in this and enjoy this little pocket of quiet I’m getting. I remember that some of my sweetest memories have been when one of my children have been sick. So often, they get quiet, calm, and sweet as I have cared for them. It’s a sweet moment when an ordinarily independent child wants their mom’s help again. 

Even though this is not what I planned, I am thankful I am home to care for them. One of the biggest reasons I chose to be a Career Homemaker: To be home when someone is sick. 

Availability is one of the major benefits of being a homemaker. God gave our children to us to care for. When they are sick, they want mom and to be home. I am thankful I’ve been able to give this to each of my children while they were growing up—a gift of love.

I wrote this a month ago when my child was sick, but my husband and I are sick this week. We need patience with each other and to be quiet while each other rests. A different kind of grace is needed when mom and/or dad is sick. We are supposed to be in charge and provide, but rest is needed most while recovering. 

I hope you were encouraged to look for the little blessing of sweet time with your child when they are sick. Also, take time to sit and pray and be quiet. God knows all and will provide what you and your young one may need. 

Listen often to stay encouraged, for you are not alone in your Homemaking Career. I’m your host, Kim Griffin 

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