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In this Homemaker Inspiration podcast, we delve into the daily challenges of homemaking and offer encouragement and insights gained from years of experience. In today’s episode, I share a personal treat that I indulge in each month when I pay the bills – Chocolate Truffles. My husband kindly buys me these delectable chocolates as a reward for completing this task, and I believe it’s a fair trade. However, these treats have also taught me a valuable lesson. Tune in to discover what it is. 

It’s your choice to decide if Chocolate Truffles should be included in your bill-paying routine. However, it’s important to remember that God wants to assist you in being financially responsible. God understands your needs better than you do, so make sure to seek His guidance more often.

Listen often to stay encouraged, for you are not alone in your Homemaking Career. I’m your host, Kim Griffin 

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