Changing out Paper for Cloth

Welcome to Career Homemakers. This is a Homemaker Tricks of the Trade episode: Best ways to get different parts of the job done, In it, I will show some benefits of changing out paper to cloth…In particular, I highlight cloth vs paper napkins, as we say in America or in other parts of the world Serviette.

Many Career Homemakers seek opportunities to make their homes classy and sustainable. One of the ways I achieve this is by making everyday cloth napkins. I cut a 13×13 inch square of 100% cotton fabric for each napkin. Serge or zigzag stitch around the four edges. Use the fray-stop liquid to dot each corner to keep the thread from unraveling. Lastly, wash and fold. Benefits of Cloth Napkins: Here’s some other benefits:

  • it’s nice to use cloth napkins. Think of the last time you ate chicken thigh or drumstick, or baby back ribs. Remember how the napkin just stuck to your hands?
  • Cloth napkins add color to your table; they look nice and are very stylish.
  • When considering the environment, the number of paper napkins thrown away should alarm you. Let’s be real; it’s a big waste of resources, and think about the added waste to our landfills.
  • You can use them multiple times. When my grandmother was little, they had little charms with their initials attached to their napkin. They would use theirs all week long. Along with this idea, you could make a color for each person in the house and then they could change out their own napkins when needed or you could embroider their initials or a cute picture icon for each member of the household napkins.
  • Get more wear out of them by using old napkins for paper towels or rags.

Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without! It was a famous World War Saying. This definitely lies under the Wear it Out and Make it Do part. Next, these cloths will make it out to the garage. Using what we have is a good way of saving money. Homemakers this is one tiny category. What else could you change the way you do it to make it nicer for your family and save some money? Please subscribe to this podcast and leave a review. Visit my website

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