Defeating Housework Overwhelm

This is a Homemaker Inspirations: I will discuss our day-to-day challenges as homemakers, then offer encouragement and lessons I’ve learned from years in this vocation. Have you ever struggled with a feeling of overwhelm regarding housework? Do you get lost in other more interesting pursuits in life, and then your home looks like a cyclone has hit? Yea, me too.

A well-thought-out plan that keeps the basics in mind and her body’s limitations must be implemented. I call this Housework Automation. This is where a homemaker can map out what to do on each workday to spread out the work so it’s easy to maintain, won’t be too stressful to your body, and, when done faithfully, will dig yourself out of a messy house.

With a plan, you can keep the basics done in 15-minute increments daily. And having it written down, you don’t have to think or plan it repeatedly. I’ve created a worksheet for you to think through the housework tasks and carefully plot them out into 15-minute increments. So whether you have a busy family or pain issues or just don’t want to think about housework much, you can have the plan to stay on top of it.

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