Walk Thru Episode: Bathroom

In this Podcast, we will be cleaning our bathrooms together. I will walk you through each step.

Season 1 Episode 7


Welcome to Career Homemakers, where we aim to make our Homemaking career: goal-oriented, creative, and satisfying. 

In these podcasts, I will have 3 types of episodes: Homemaker Inspirations, Walkthrough Episodes, and Tricks of the Trade.

This is a Walk Through Episode:  We will “clean a designated space” together. I will offer my best-used practices and be in your ear “if you use earbuds” as you clean.
In this episode, we will be cleaning the bathroom. So grab your cleaners and head to the bathroom. Let’s get this task done together.

1)Squirt mirrors and wipe until shiny.
2) Wipe the counters and scrub the sink.
3)Squirt cloth and wipe down door handles, light switch, and plug to prevent germs from spreading. Sanitizing is essential when anyone in your household is sick.
4) Fill the soap container and wash the outside of the container.
5) Empty the trash. 

1)Scrub the toilet with a toilet brush and cleaner.
2)Spray or use wipes with cleaner, then wipe in this order.
a.Top of the lid,
b.then lift the lid and wipe the seat,
c.then underside of the top lid,
d.lift seat lid and wipe the bottom of that 
e. wipe the top toilet bowl and all down the sides.

Boys are messy, right? Get it all clean, and the bathroom will smell better and be a lovelier place for the ladies in the house. Once a month, spray the wall and side of the counter or any surfaces that face the toilet and wipe down, especially if you have boys.

Shower and tub: Wash these as needed. Spray with cleaner and use a magic eraser for walls and tub. Use the showerhead to squirt the sides and bottom until the bubbles disappear.

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