Welcome Homemakers

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to Career Homemakers, where we aim to make our Homemaking career: goal-oriented, creative, and satisfying. 

In these podcasts, I will have 3 types of episodes. Homemaker inspirations, Walkthrough episodes, and tricks of the trade.

The first type of episode is…

Homemaker inspirations: In these, I will discuss the day-to-day challenges we face as homemakers, then offer encouragement and lessons I’ve learned from years in this vocation.

  • Bet you didn’t know you had servants? You do, and no, I don’t mean your children. Lol  There right there in your house. Listen and find out.
  • I will tell a story of what my 2 ½-year-old did while I was working on a project. Then share the life lesson I learned that day.
  • Find out Where I find New Strength. Yes new strength, and it’s not caffeine or sitting for long periods scrolling on my device. I’ll show you where you can find new strength too. 

The second type of episode is…

Walk through Episodes: We will “clean a designated space” together. I will offer my best-used practices and be in your ear “if you use earbuds” as you clean. For example, as you clean your bathroom, I’ll talk you through the steps and offer advice and encouragement. I’ll be with you in that space so you don’t feel alone or bored while completing your task. 

The third type of episode is…

Tricks of the trade: Best ways to get different parts of the job done, 

  • how to save money or, in some cases, not spend money so that we can continue to keep our career as a homemaker, 
  • discussions on homeschooling and school choice, 
  • goal setting whether it’s for the household or personal goals, 
  • meal planning, so there’s no question of what’s for dinner at 5 o clock,
  •  how to create cleaning schedules with your busy schedule, new baby, or pain issues in mind, and much more. 

Listen often to stay encouraged, for you are not alone in your Homemaking Career. 

I’m your host, Kim Griffin 

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Thanks for listening, and have a goal-oriented, creative, and satisfying week.

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